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Workshop 2


Android & Mobile Applications (AMA)

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Android
    • Brief History of Android.
    • What is Android?.
    • Architecture of Android.
    • Android Features.
    • Android Market.
  • Getting Started
    • How to Select Android Version?.
    • Steps to Create New Project.
    • Running your Application.
    • Creating Your first Apps.
  • Android component Cycle
    • Activity Life Cycle with sample program.
    • Service Life Cycle With Sample.
  • Menu
    • ContextMenu.
    • OptionMenu.
  • Data Storage
    • Introducing SQLite database.
    • Working with Android Database.
    • Using Sqlite Open Helper.
    • Opening And Closing Database.

Obstacle Avoider Robotics (OAR)

Guiding excellence to the young talents in the field of Robotics

Automobile Applications & Surveying (AAS)

Course Outline

A small introductory video on various manufacturing related processes.

Introductory Lecture on working and assembly of engine; assembling small engine parts.

Visit to workshop for the following shop experiences:

Visits to Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics Labs.

Instructions to the participants of ZEST-Summer Camp-2017
  • ☆ Registration: Report to the Reception at United Campus between 9 am to 10 am on Monday 5th June, 2017. Register or show your registration slip and as per your registration no. and need, you will be allotted your hostel rooms.
  • ☆ Your accommodation is arranged on a twin sharing basis, in the Hostels. Girls and boys will be lodged in two separate hostels. You will have to stay in the United campus for the entire duration of the Camp.
  • ☆You are expected to attend and participate in each session of the camp.
  • ☆ Your parents / guardians are welcome to accompany you on the day of Registration. They are invited for the “Valedictory Session & Career Seminar” on 10th June 2017.
  • ☆Bring the following items with you for the Summer Camp:
    • ☆ A photo ID from your School / College.
    • ☆ A passport size photograph for registration and issue of ZEST ID card.
    • ☆ A consent/permission letter from your parents/guardians.
    • ☆ It is advisable not to carry any expensive or luxury items with you.

If you have any questions, send an email to zestsummercampugi@gmail.com or call 9628829329